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Trabasack as a car seat tray

September 19, 2011

Using a Trabasack Car Seat Tray

A Trabasack car seat tray being put to good use!

There are many great uses for your Trabasack but have you considered using it as a car seat tray for your child when you’re out and about? It really is a great idea as you can keep your child both entertained and even fed and watered by simply strapping your Trabasack round their waist whilst they’re sat in their car seat.

Trabasack is even better than conventional car seat trays because it has its second fantastic function as a bag. This means you can pack up all the great snacks, books and toys for the journey and your child can pick and choose independently what they want to play with or what they want to snack on.

The Trabasack Car Seat Tray keeps toys in their place

To avoid the upset of a child losing their favourite toy, you can even secure it to the tray surface if you opt for the innovative Trabasack Curve Connect. The Connect surface allows for items to be secured to the car seat tray with Velcro hooks and then you won’t have to stop driving to pick up Mr Ted or whoever has inevitably fallen off your child’s lap.

One of the best features of the Trabasack car seat tray is its universality. It shouldn’t matter which car seat you have as the Trabasack is strapped around your child using its two long straps and rests comfortably on its bean bag cushion on their lap. It doesn’t need to be connected to the car seat itself at all so has no impact on the car seats functionality and safety and should work with all different types of seats.

Relieve the stress of travelling with a Trabasack car seat tray

An example of some toys on a Trabasack tray surface

Stopping and starting every five minutes to pass your child a drink or fetch their favourite toy can be extremely tiresome so if you give them the responsibility of looking after their own toys and snacks and an innovative Trabasack car seat tray and bag to keep them safe, you should have far less diversions and therefore much less stress!

Using a Trabasack car seat tray is a great way of keeping your child settled and your journey stress free.


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