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Snack and Play Tray

October 10, 2011

Snack and Play Tray

Kids Snack Tray.
Whether its within the car, on the bus or even on a aeroplane, children can become thoroughly unsettled and tired when traveling long distance (and even short distance!). Im sure youve tried many different strategies to keep them entertained and subdued but in most cases you probably dread each and every time youve got a long distance to go. Youre worrying about :.

a) How to keep your children entertained.

b) How to guarantee they dont make a huge mess of the back seat of the car.

c) How to stop yourself getting absolutely stressed out.

We have the remedy and its painless : Trabasacks. A Trabasack is superb buggy tray and travelling bag which can very easily be used as a snack and play travel tray for whenever youre traveling with your smalls fry. You can involve your youngsters around the whole experience from picking the snacks and games to take in their Trabasack, with a superb bag facility in addition to a good tray surface, to strapping their Trabasacks round their waists with its handy security straps and the play may start!

Some great ideas for your Trabasack snack and play travel tray.

A Trabasack snack and play travel tray in use.
There are many things you could select to fill your snack and play travel tray bag with and a few of our favourites would include :.

Decks of cards for Snap or other straight forward and time consuming games!.

Pocket sized books like Mr. Men or Pocket Book collections are a nifty option for keeping weight down.

Bottled water or fruit drinks bottles rather than cans to help them to have the covers screwed back on so no danger of spillage.

Yogurt tubes no need for spoons! Superb and simple to eat without mess or bother.

Mini cheeses again, in their own packaging and simple to dispose of.

Fruit bags most supermarkets produce small fruit bags these days which are perfect for little kids who would possibly not polish off a whole apple or orange for instance!.

These are simply a few of our tips for a great snack and play tray.
If there is any mess trabasack can be sponged down with a damp cloth or put it in the washing machine! It is machine washable at 30 degree on a low spin.

Of course, you can add your own ideas from your children’s personal favourites to any new experimental foods you want to test out! The Trabasack snack and play tray can be personalised however you like and you can truly breathe a sigh of relief as your kids are silenced by all the fun they’re having!


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